Recomendations about SNAP and Students

  • Continue educating people about poverty and food insecurities, so they would grasp the complexity of the issue, loose the negative connotations regarding SNAP in general, and especially SNAP and students.
  • Continue the SNAP program and its funding as the first, most important government response to hunger and food insecurity in the nation.
  • Continue to work on challenging, modifying and changing the rules regarding SNAP in general, and SNAP and students specifically: realize that students are working really hard, and being a full time student is a full time job. Additionally, realize that the "financial aid" students are receiving are LOANS that have to be paid back, so students don't have to be penalized for making an educated decision and taking on a "good debt" loan. A student can be hungry just like any other food deprived person.
  • Remove the stigma from being a SNAP recipient! Use your SNAP benefits proudly, without fear that the person in line behind you is going to judge you.....It is beyond people's control and beyond their influence that hard working people are food insecure, in the richest country in the world....Something else is wrong here, it is not you!
  • Petition! Collect signatures and organize! Write a letter to your local and state government! Support research regarding SNAP and food insecurity in the nation. Have your voice heard. Exercise your rights: If something sounds and looks wrong, file a hearing! Talk about it..... 
  • Support changing of the numbers used for the Poverty line! They have not been changed since the 60’es; neither have they been adjusted for inflation....
  • Most important, take care of YOU and your family! After all, it is US that matter and why programs like SNAP exist.