Welcome to my webpage! I am creating this web site for one of my Anthropology classes. Here you will find my interests and my work, as well as my academic interests, that revolve around food research and students, especially around food deprivation and how that relates to students and their survival strategies. For my thesis, I plan to conduct series of interviews and surveys with students and how are they meeting their food needs, especially relating to the SNAP program and the special federal student regulations that they have to fulfill in order to qualify for the SNAP program.

In addition, I would like to interview the SNAP policy analysts for the State of Oregon surrounding the student eligibility criteria, and finally, propose changes that would hopefully serve as recommendations to the federal government as to the student rules, that have not been changed by the federal government in the last 14 years.

The newest, most recent rule that Oregon changed regarding students was effective Octomber 1st, when students who receive unemployment benefits would be found eligible students. The State of Oregon is actively requesting  federal waivers, so they can help as many people as possible.

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