Vesna Cogurik

Bio: My name is Vesna Grace Stone and I am a MA in Anthropology student (spring 2017 projected graduation) at Oregon State University, under Dr. Joan Gross.


History: I became interested in food insecurity, students and SNAP when I started working as an eligibility worker for the State of Oregon on the 4th of May 2009. I have worked thus far in two full service branches (Roseburg, OR 1.5 years and Corvallis, OR 1.5 years, and 5 years at the Processing center where we do all the work over the phone). Since I was in the Corvallis main office for one and a half years, and thus far 5 years at the processing center in Corvallis, many of my clients were higher education students at Oregon State University, and here is where I heard most of their experiences and frustrations with hunger and SNAP.


Experience: I work for the State of Oregon as a Human Services Specialist 3 for the past 8 years now, and I administer government programs for the people that apply for them and are found eligible for them. In the past and while in a full service branch,  I have also administered medical, employment related day care, domestic violence and Temporary assistance for needy families programs.