SNAP online

Did you know that in Oregon, you can apply for SNAP online? The outreach for increasing SNAP participation has been huge, so now you can apply for SNAP online from the comfort of your home! Only few minutes of your time, and you have established a filing date online!



Interview Choices

Did you know that in Oregon, you can choose to have your SNAP interview in person, or over the phone? Although a yearly interview is a must, now you no longer need to have a reason "why" you are requesting a telephone interview; you can just have one.


This change is hopefully removing another barrier for some of the people that want to apply for SNAP and are more than happy to have their interview, but do not have available transportation, don't have to leave work and loose work hours to have their interview (they can do it over the phone on their lunch break, for example), and for the elderly and disabled who would no longer be required to leave their home in order to have an interview.

SNAP interview in your home possible

Did you know that if you are elderly or disabled in Oregon, you can have a worker come to your home and conduct your interview there? That way, our senior and disabled citizens would not have to leave their home, so they would have a SNAP interview.


Buying hot food with SNAP benefits

Did you know that you can't usually buy hot foods with your SNAP benefits? Some people can, though. If you are homeless, senior, or disabled citizen, a special coding is entered on your case, so you would be able to buy hot, already prepared food for yourself. That way, many of our homeless citizens can go to the food kitchens that serve hot food, and buy their meal there.