October Updates

On October 1st 2011, the State of Oregon changed some of the student eligibility rules, based on a waver that they obtained from the federal government: if the student is receiving unemployment benefits, they would be considered an eligible student. Before October 1st, these students (unless they met some other student SNAP criteria) were not found eligible students, and they were denied SNAP benefits.


Also effective October 1st 2011, if a student was awarded work study by the Federal department of education, but they were unable to find work study employment in the term that they were applying, they were now also found eligible based on the work study award alone, as a difference from before.

We are hopeful that the State of Oregon will continue to work on requesting wavers from the federal government and requesting rule changes to the SNAP program, so more and more people would be found eligible for SNAP in these hard economic times for all.